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Oksana Khristenko

Shapes4FREE.com is my blog where I share photoshop custom shapes and other resources. All of them are absolutely free to use in personal and commercial projects within designs.

Visit Shapes4FREE.com - get more fresh photoshop custom shapes, read easy-to-follow shapes tutorials, and view amazing examples of using shapes to get design inspiration:


  • Shapes4free-7-cooking-photoshop-shapes-300x220
    7 schöne Kochen Formen
  • Preview-15-clocks-shapes4ree
    15 Photoshop Custom Shapes - Nette Uhr Gesichter (CSH)
  • Preview-7-stars-shapes4free
    Photoshop Custom Shapes - 7 Sterne für fancy Designs
  • Preview-5-coffee-cups-shapes4free
    5 schöne Kaffee & Teetasse Photoshop Custom Shapes für erstaunliche Designs
  • Preview-8-circles-shapes4free
    8 Photoshop Creative Kreise
  • Preview-10-fish-shapes4free
    10 Photoshop Fischformen für Marine Designs
  • Preview-11-button-shapes-shapes4free
    11 Photoshop Zwei-Loch-Knopfformen

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